Frequently Asked Questions

Until When Can I Get A Refund?

We offer a 60 days money-back guarantee. You can cancel your subscription anytime within the first 60 days without any questions asked (although we'd love to know why you decided to cancel!).

How can I request a refund?

Log into your stardustday-account and select the appropriate order under "Account" > "Payment Info". In the dropdown menu next to the order you can request a refund with our payment provider.

Can I upgrade to a larger plan / paintbox?

If you want special elements or features you can upgrade to a larger paintbox anytime. Log into your stardustday-account and select the appropriate option under "Account" > "Payment Info".

Why don't you offer long-term subscriptions?

We simply don't like auto-renewing subscriptions ourselves. And it does not quite fit to our case - most wedding stories will be online for some time only. So we won't trick you into a long-term subscription, but you can extend your story anytime.

What happens after 1 year?

If you do not extend your story it will be disabled and no longer be available for you to edit or for your visitors to view.

If you choose to extend your story it will be available for another year (or two).

Is my data safe?

We are based in Europe and are subject to strict data protection rules. We will never share any private data with a third party and only host your site in a professional data center, trusted by thousands of websites.
If you password-protect your site, only people you tell the password will be able to see the contents of your story.

How can I extend my story?

Log into your stardustday-account and select the appropriate option under "Account" > "Payment Info" to extend your story.

Why can I choose only 2 fonts?

Each font you include in your story will make it sloooooower, and we all like fast websites, don’t we? Therefore we decided to offer only two fonts. As a side effect this will also make your story look more consistent and clean in the end.

You can change the fonts anytime and all texts in your story will change automatically to the new font.

What is a story?

A story (your story!) is like a slideshow which consists of one or more slides. This allows you to re-arrange your story as you build it.

What is a slide?

Just like a book has multiple pages your story has multiple slides.

Slides are the canvas you use to paint your story on. It's the non-moving part in a dynamic, moving slideshow.

What is an element / drawing?

Elements are those small little things you see everywhere on this page. Use trees and flowers, animals, wedding stuff, sightseeing spots and much more to build up your own personal story.

How many elements can I add to a slide?

For performance reasons stardustday limits the number of elements you can add to a single slide to 20.

There is an element missing

Our designer is already working hard on creating more elements...

If you are missing something for your special day, just send us a short e-mail and we'll see what we can do to push the pixels faster.

What is a hero?

The so-called "hero" is the big image showing "you" in your story. This might be you and your partner in a car or on a bike - cruising through your story.

Choose from different vehicles and whether you drive them alone or together with someone else...

Which elements/heroes/fonts exist?

You can view a list of all included items here:

What is a subdomain?

Sub-whaaaat? Well, it's basically your story’s name on the Internet. That's how others will be able to find your story and what your guests must type into their browser.

You can choose almost every name and you can change it anytime.

Can I password protect my story?

Depending on the paintbox you choose you might be able to password protect your story. This means that visitors have to enter the password (which is not your stardustday-account password!) to view the story.

Is my story visible on the internet?

If your story is enabled and not password protected it is viewable by everyone who knows the subdomain.

If you do not want your story to be visible for everyone on the internet, choose a paintbox which includes password protection.

Can I share my story using Facebook/Twitter/...?

Of course you can share your story wherever you want to. Just make sure that it is enabled, copy the URL and share it.

Which browsers and devices are supported?

For the best experience using stardustday, we recommend using the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge. Mobile versions of these browsers are supported for viewing stories, but not for editing.

Do you offer __________?

Our developer is already working hard on building new features and bringing new ideas to life. So feel free to ask - maybe your feature is just around the corner!

You have more questions? Send us an e-mail.

and be the star of your day!