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Paintbox Special

Paintbox Special Paintbox Special contains more and very special items you can use to build your wedding story. It works for wedding storiesfor sending out your save-the-date or telling the world about how he or she proposed. You can add up to 15 slides and fill them with life. Choose your own name for the story - it will be mobile friendly and online for a year. In comparison with Paintbox Premium you have even more templates to choose from and if you want to, you can also password-protect your story.

One of the special highlights of Paintbox Special are the "drawings". They are so hard to explain but so beautiful to view, so you better have a look at an example.

Heroes included in the paintbox special

In Paintbox Special you can choose between these hero images:

Drawings included in the paintbox special

Paintbox Special includes these wonderful hand-drawn elements. You can use them to compose your story.

Fonts included in the paintbox special

It's all about text, baby! To highlight your emotions, feel free to choose from these font faces:

and be the star of your day!