Simple Pricing. No subscription.

You can cancel anytime within the first 60 days


0,- incl.


  • up to 5 slides
  • 75 elements
  • 2 heroes
  • 15 fonts
  • customized subdomain
  • mobile friendly
  • online for one year

28,- incl.


  • up to 10 slides
  • 136 elements
  • 3 heroes
  • 30 fonts
  • customized subdomain
  • mobile friendly
  • online for one year
  • more templates

68,- incl.


  • up to 15 slides
  • 161 elements
  • 4 heroes
  • 45 fonts
  • customized subdomain
  • mobile friendly
  • online for one year
  • more templates
  • password protection

General questions.

Do not hesitate to send us any questions that might arise

What is a slide?

Just like a book has multiple pages your story has multiple slides.

Slides are the canvas you use to paint your story on. It's the non-moving part in a dynamic, moving slideshow.

What is a hero?

The so-called "hero" is the big image showing "you" in your story. This might be you and your partner in a car or on a bike - cruising through your story.

Choose from different vehicles and select whether you drive them alone or together with someone else...

Elements / Drawings

Elements are those small little things you see everywhere on this page. Use trees and flowers, animals, wedding stuff, sightseeing spots and many more to create your own personal story.

You can view a list of all elements here.

Your customized subdomain

Sub-whaaaat? Well, it's basically your story’s name on the Internet. That's how others will be able to find your story and what your guests must type into their browser.

You can choose almost every name and you can change it anytime.

After 1 year...

We don't like long-term subscriptions and we do not want to trick you into recurring payments. Thus your story automatically expires after one year.

But if you love it you can extend it anytime and keep it online for another year. Or two. Or three ;-)

Are you missing an element?

Our designer is already working hard on creating more elements...

If you are missing something for your special day just send us a short e-mail and we'll see what we can do to push the pixels faster.

You have more questions? See our help page or send us an e-mail.

Try it risk free!

We don't like long-term subscriptions and auto-renewing plans. We believe that stardustday should be easy and fun. So we created what we love - for you.

At stardustday there are:

  • no subscriptions
  • no hidden costs
  • a 60 day money-back guarantee

You decide which plan you want to use and can test us without any risk. We'll only charge you once and there are no extra costs. If you decide that stardust does not work for you, you can cancel your subscription anytime within the first 60 days.
But if you love stardustday as much as we do you can extend for another year anytime.

and be the star of your day!